Getting ready for the other Ibiza

Getting ready for the other Ibiza

Ibiza has been a favourite destination for tourist coming from all over the world, it is famous for its excellent music and night life, and marvellous views of the mediterranean. We have been to Ibiza putting together a gourmet tour for one of our private groups, the way we do our tours, with unique local knowledge and personal feeling.

It was really special to spend time in the countryside, the hidden valleys and the tranquillity to enjoy a glass of wine with the winemakers, lunch with our friend and celebrity chef Mark at his Ibizan house surrounded by meadows, looking out to the sea.

We also took a walk through the salt flats on a foraging walk combining beauty and recent history. Along the way, we bumped into José, a friend and neighbour from Madrid who was over working on Ferran Adría’s new exciting venture, Heart.

That is what I love about this island, it has everything from simplicity to sophistication, history, and creativity and above everything else, it has soul, which is why we go back, year after year.

Stay tuned for our Balearics off the Beaten Track tour coming up next September!

Photos by Jimena Díaz Ocón